Do not feed wild animals

Feeding wild animals from a vehicle is dangerous to animals as well as people.  Animals can be knocked by moving vehicles. Human foods are not good and nutritious enough for animals and it may cause serious health problems to animals.    Animals try to enter the vehicle in search of food.  Wild animals who eat peoples’ food can spread diseases.  Another important reason is that animals lose their natural fear of people.  Dangerous animals become comfortable in residential areas and they try to move into residential areas.


Do not use match boxes in wild

Humans carelessness or ignorance may cause for a huge forest fire and fire will spread rapidly.


Do not smoke in wild

Cigar butts carelessly thrown down in the forest may result a large damage to the forest as well as animals.


Do not throw litter everywhere

Do not throw bags and litter alongside the routes in the National Parks. Use the rubbish and recycling bins at the end of your journey.


Do not remove or take anything from National Parks

Do not remove plants or flowers from the Park. Each animal and each plant has its place in the nutrient cycle of the nature.  Do not try to catch innocent creatures like butterflies or birds.


Do not make loud noises

Do not use mobile phones and be as quiet as possible. By doing so, your chance to see wild animals will rise.